Let us make your BLS Training Easy!!


All instructors are certified to provide CPR & First Aid training that meets the State of Louisiana and nationally recognized standards for emergency care.

Our employees are involved in the emergency service & medical industry, chiefly in fire rescue/first responder services. Those instructors that are Fire Safety Professionals initially gave courses designed to serve our peers in the emergency/fire services. This training has now become much more affordable and understandable, allowing us to offer it to any person wishing to be prepared during the time of an emergency. This gives us a unique insight when it comes to our instruction classes and giving presentations. We donít just go to class to talk, we bring our experience through work as lifesavers to our classes.

We also provide Emergency Trained Personnel for Private, or Commercial details where mandatory on site emergency care is a requirement.


BLS Instructor: Alfred J. Juno, Jr. is a nationally registered EMT (NREMT) since 1989, and is also a NREMT Instructor for the State of Louisiana. Employed on the Fire Department with the City of New Orleans for 30+ years and is a Certified First Responder.


BLS Instructor : John C. Klumpp, III has been employed on the Fire Department with The City of New Orleans for 23+ years & has served as a Captain and an EMT and Certified First Responder.


BLS Instructor: Anne M. Baudier has worked with Eastern Airlines and in Public and Media Relations with the New Orleans Saints and is a NREMTB.